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KINDERMUSIK with Jillian Nicol

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General Information

Welcome to Kindermusik, the world’s leading early childhood music and movement program. So what exactly is Kindermusik? Simply put, Kindermusik is a program of music and movement classes for babies, toddlers preschoolers and young children specifically designed to encourage and build a child’s learning abilities. Kindermusik is a program dedicated to learning and starting early, and provides benefits for learning experiences throughout life. A good beginning never ends.

Music is used to develop steady beat which will help with articulation and conversation, using a pencil, mathematics and co-ordination. We sing and explore different instruments which aids fine-motor development, problem-solving and thinking in different ways. We dance which promotes balance and spacial awareness and a sense of using their bodies in different ways. Our classes also help non-English-speaking children with their understanding of words and articulation.

There is always lots of laughter in our classes which is wonderful for lowering stress and building long-term well-being. Kindermusik recognizes that each child is unique and that it is important to allow each child to grow and flourish in their own way.

Kindermusik is also well known for working with children with disabilities as music unlocks areas of the brain for these children that would otherwise be closed to learning.
129 Browns Plains Road, Browns Plains, QLD, 4118
Call us: (07) 3806 8011
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